What our TTT Family says
"TTT has provided me the opportunity to truly experience amazing culinary artist in a private environment that is incomparable in today's hospitality industry."

Christian Giannini
"I love the The Talent Table as it has given me a unique opportunity to taste dishes created by the most gifted and ‘salt of the earth ‘ chefs - an added bonus of dining with very sociable guests."

Niahm McGauran
"The Talent Table is a confluence of ingenious chefs, beautiful food, eclectic people, fantastic conversations and an inimitable host. The delicious wine and conversations keep flowing, with the talented chefs presenting jaw dropping masterpieces one after another - it doesn’t get better than this!"

Raashi Sikka
"You don’t know what you’re going to get, you don’t know who is going to be there, and yet it always feels like home. 

Founder Dita Guth has impeccable taste in both people and food, and each and every evening is unforgettable."

Emma Atkin
"Every time I go to The Talent Table, I meet new people with interesting stories from all over the world. To be able to sit front row witnessing a rising star chef preparing dishes created just for us, while drinking perfectly paired wines at each course - don’t get me started It’s like a private Michelin star dinner every time."

Rosalie Curto
"The Talent Table isn’t just a magical culinary experience but an explosive gastronomic journey of adventures, surprises, and the most exquisite encounters! It is the love child of the perfect cosy dinner party (with roars of head back laughter) and the most daring Michelin dinning experience."

Ebi Atawodi
"The Talent Table - Dita’s explosive enthusiasm took me back to exactly why I create food. From planning to concluding dessert - every moment was a new memory created."

Steven Broere
TTT Chef
"The Talent Table is a one of a kind event where we as "up and coming chefs" are able to showcase what we do in an intimate environment led by the most energizing and gracious host/founder aka Dita."

Alex Haupt 
TTT Chef
"The Talent Table connects people in a world where we are alienating each other more and more. By connecting  international guests with international chefs, Dita has created and cultivated a unique and rare platform for young talent that is heartfelt and genuine."

Tim Golsteijn
TTT Chef
The Talent Table